Murray Browne
An introduction to my novel Down & Outbound: A Mass Transit Satire
Down & Outbound:  An Overview

In the subterranean world of mass transit there are two separate, yet equally marginalized groups: the riders who use public transportation and the city officials who routinely persecute them.

These are stories from the mass transit counter-intelligence unit InLine, whose primary purpose is to keep the masses who use the ALACARTA (Always Late Atlantis City Area Rapid Transit Authority) in line. Led by Inspector Romney Miller, InLine investigates any problem that disrupts the flow of commuters. Miller relies heavily on his team: Shade, a master of disguise, and Chu-Chew, a borderline video surveillance addict.

As their caseload increases, InLine must battle the serial anarchist known as Red Ass, but their work is made even more difficult by the ALACARTA bureaucracy, which serves not the public, but their own secret agendas. When the city becomes paralyzed with a transportation crisis where will Inspector Miller place his allegiance?

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