Murray Browne
Samples of multimedia and print projects I have worked on with others.

Down and Outbound Book Trailer  (2016)
Wrote the script and put together the team for the video promoting Down & Outbound: A Mass Transit Satire. 

While at UT Department of Computer Science. I put together a team to do a small set of multimedia modules on the basics of computer science. Sarah Lowe, a professor at the UT School of Design was the Art director. Jeff Romaniuk did most of the artwork and programming on this project. (Requires Flash Plug-in)

Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Primer(2003-4)
This is a early prototype of an interactive CD which I produced originally for the National Forensic Academy. The final product was something totally different, but I believe this existential version was much better even though it is a little bleak. Mickey Rievley did the art and content design. Sarah Lowe from the UT School of Art did the navigation design. I wrote the script. It was built using Flash MX 2000.

Educational Multimedia CDs (2001-3)
While at LightCone Interactive, a company within the UT Department of Physics, I worked on numerous educational projects on topics such as astronomy, biology, microbiology, physics and genetics. They were multimedia CDs sold with textbooks. Our clients included Prentice-Hall and Brooks Cole. A good sample of the work is on the LightCone web site. (Requires Flash Plug-in)

The Communicating Science Exhibit (1997)
The "Communicating Science" exhibit for the Department of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research's 50th Anniversary held  at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. A display and electronic exhibit was developed for the Human Genome Management Information System at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Print Media

Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee (2006-7)
Developed and implemented marketing collateral for department recruiting efforts.

Hope College, Holland Michigan (1990-91)
Assisted the Hope College Admissions Department in the writing and design of promotional brochures.