Murray Browne
Samples of multimedia and print projects I have worked on with others.

Down and Outbound Book Trailer  (2016)
Wrote the script and put together the team for the video promoting Down & Outbound: A Mass Transit Satire. 

Basics of Computer Science, Animated (2005-6)
While at UT Department of Computer Science. I put together a team to do a small set of multimedia modules on the basics of computer science. Sarah Lowe, a professor at the UT School of Design was the Art director. Jeff Romaniuk did most of the artwork and programming on this project.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Primer(2003-4)
This is a early prototype of an interactive CD which I produced originally for the National Forensic Academy. The final product was something totally different, but I believe this existential version was much better even though it is a little bleak. Mickey Rievley did the art and content design. Sarah Lowe from the UT School of Art did the navigation design. I wrote the script. It was built using Flash MX 2000.

Educational Multimedia CDs (2001-3)
While at LightCone Interactive, a company within the UT Department of Physics, I worked on numerous educational projects on topics such as astronomy, biology, microbiology, physics and genetics. They were multimedia CDs sold with textbooks. Our clients included Prentice-Hall and Brooks Cole. A good sample of the work is on the LightCone web site.

The Communicating Science Exhibit (1997)
The "Communicating Science" exhibit for the Department of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research's 50th Anniversary held  at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. A display and electronic exhibit was developed for the Human Genome Management Information System at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Print Media

Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee (2006-7)
Developed and implemented marketing collateral for department recruiting efforts.

Hope College, Holland Michigan (1990-91)
Assisted the Hope College Admissions Department in the writing and design of promotional brochures.